Women of Charlottesville

Highlighting the unique and diverse amazing women of Charlottesville, VA.

Kristin Baltes

This is Kristin. She is a very strong, lively woman who is full of energy–and amazingly talented when it comes to all things music. If you have been to a community theater show in town, chances are Kristin was involved in some way. When she’s not involved musicals–she’s likely teaching music classes or giving voice/piano lessons–she’s a busy woman! We shot at Kristin’s home where she is surrounded by the things she loves–her kitchen, her piano and her garden! These were shot last summer–when life was “normal” for most of us and the veggies were nice and ripe! Something to look forward to . . . Enjoy this lovely lady’s interview!

us: So, Kristin, tell us a little bit about yourself . . .

her: I am a mom, friend, teacher, and child of God.

us: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

her: I haven’t eaten breakfast in two years . . . but I make up for it later in the day.

us: Does pineapple belong on pizza?

her: Yep.

us: Do you sleep in your socks?

her: Heavens no! Feet out from under the covers.

us: What’s your go-to midnight snack?

her: Salt and vinegar chips.

us: Mountains or beach?

her: Bora Bora . . . so, both.

us: Current favorite song?

her: “It is Well with My Soul” Audrey Assad version.

us: Salty or sweet?

her: Salty all day long! Except when I need cookies.

us: Pet peeve?

her: Please for the love of everything holy, turn right on red! Virginia is a right on red state.

us: Room entrance song:

her: I’m always on time or early, so I am probably cueing up the song for someone else to enter to–most likely I am PLAYING their entrance song. Nine times out of 10 that song is Pachelbel Canon . . . which would NOT be my entrance song! If for some reason I DO have an entrance song, it would be the overture to some musical that I hopefully get cast in sometime in my life!

us: Favorite place you’ve traveled to?

her: Lake Como, Italy. Paris. Cabo. 

us: What’s your favorite room in your house?

her: My bedroom, my front porch, my back porch, my piano room, my kitchen . . . oops. I like them all!

us: Who has been the most influential woman in your life?

her: My daughter, Rachel. She is wise beyond her years. She loves life and everyone she comes in contact with. She reminds me to be patient and to love.

us: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

her: Being a mom. John/Daddy died when Rachel and Jake were in high school . . . that was hard. But we have been doing this thing together. I love being their mom. They have made me who I am and have loved me and all my quirks. We have moved forward together.

us: If you could give your younger self a single piece of advice, what would it be?

her: Make good choices.

us: Can you tell me about a challenge that you’ve overcome?

her: Being a widow has been challenging. Especially, since John took care of so much in our lives. He did not tell me about “escrow” or where he stored all of our family photos and videos. . . We actually found them this past summer! Living without him has been hard, but I’m doing it!

us: Favorite quote or saying?

her: “Make good choices.”

us: Where do you find your inspiration?

her: Music, my friends, scripture . . . not necessarily in that order.

us: Any funny or embarrassing nicknames we should know about?

her: Its not embarrassing . . . it just is. My maiden name was Budnikas. They called me Bud. At my college graduation, a friend asked me “What IS your real name anyway?”

us: Any hidden talents we should know about?

her: I can do the splits up against a wall. I can do kick-open-side-to-side and be the one who does “open” first. I can make dinner out of ANYTHING in the fridge (I am not saying it is always good.) I am a pretty good bartender (although I am alcohol-free (ish) now). I can be RTG (ready to go) in under 10 minutes . . . from shower to car.

us: What are you most thankful for?

her: My children, my faith, God’s provision, my abilities and my health.

us: What is your favorite thing about living in Charlottesville?

her: It’s 10 minutes from everything! It’s super beautiful and loaded with lots of talented people. Plus its just HOME!

Thank you for sharing with us Kristin!