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What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I had pancakes with strawberries, at Marie Bette. Oh, with some coffee.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?


Do you sleep with your skin your socks?

Most of the time yeah because my feet and my hands get cold, like instantly. So, I can't sleep because they're just freezing.

What's your current favorite song?

I'm gonna go current favorite album, because I can't pick a song-- but, “Fine Line” by Harry Styles and his whole. I love his music so much such a good album, because he actually like tries to be an artist you would think he would just be like a pop star. Yeah, but he actually tries to be an artist and his music is actually really good quality. So that whole album.

Who has been the most influential woman in your life?

My grandma. I think, because. So before my grandpa died she

Unknown 2:28

had Alzheimer's for like seven eight years and she just took care of him completely by herself and she has a lot of health problems and everything but she just like took care of him without complaining, or anything and like she was a missionary for like 35 years and I've gotten to spend every Wednesday night with her for the past five years, because I babysat for her Bible study, every Thursday morning so I would have dinner with her the night before, and just

Unknown 3:00

talking to her and getting to know her and building that relationship with her has really.

Unknown 3:07

I don't know she just influenced me a lot, and I definitely aspire to one day be like her. 

When I'm 75, y

So what accomplishment, are you most proud of?

I think,

Unknown 3:41

becoming as involved as I am. With the worship team at my church and getting to be in that leadership position is something that I'm super super proud of, just like having the opportunity to

Unknown 4:00

leave as often as I do, and like have

Unknown 4:06

that place of influence in the team and just being able to build those relationships with everyone on the team. This fall,

Unknown 4:15

is something that I

Unknown 4:20

I don't really take pride in it it's more I view it as just such a privilege that I get to have it at such a young age and so I'm just proud of the fact that.

Unknown 4:33

Not that, that I was like good enough to get the position or whatever. But that

Unknown 4:40

God has just given me the opportunity to

Unknown 4:46

pour into people's lives the way that he's given me the opportunity to at such a young age. And I don't know I just treasure, the role that I have very highly. And so it's not necessarily an accomplishment that I like. Made of my own accord or whatever but it's just such a gift that I've been given that I am trying to take as seriously as possible, and I think I've matured a lot because of it. And so

Unknown 5:22

I'm very proud of that. That's awesome. That's really cool. All right, now you guys go to the same churches the big letters. Yeah.

Unknown 5:31

Yeah. Okay.

Unknown 5:36

All right. Okay.

Tell me about the moment that you first need to you wanted to pursue music.

I've been songwriting since I was two. We have videos of me around the house when I was little singing songs that I wrote. e still remember all the songs,

Unknown 6:48


Unknown 6:50

I don't know that she's always been what I do. and like me and jack had a band. When we were little, and I was always playing music and I was always doing theater and singing and everything so I've always done music, but I think

Unknown 7:08

it's only been recently that I've actually

Unknown 7:13

won wanted to pursue it. In the future, like seriously because before it was just like oh yeah like musics my thing but I can't do that as a career because like whatever you know. Yeah, but, um,

Unknown 7:28

I don't know when Glenn. When I first started recording with Glenn was when I was, I think,

Unknown 7:35

12, and he

Unknown 7:37

asked for students at acts to write songs for the end of your slideshow. And so I was like oh I write songs like I can do that and so I wrote one and I recorded it with them, and then ever since then recording was just something that I did for fun. And then over time it just slowly became more and more and more, just what I wanted to do. And I think when I really got into worship. A couple years ago. Um, and really just fell in love with it, it was

Unknown 8:12

when I really started to think

Unknown 8:17

about music as something I could actually pursue. Instead of something I just do fine.

Unknown 8:28

And so I don't know if there's ever like a defining moment that I knew, but it's always been

Unknown 8:35

who I am.

Unknown 8:36

And so it just always seems like a natural thing.

Tell me your favorite joke.

Unknown 9:14

Let's see.

Unknown 9:18

My favorite job.

Unknown 9:26

Okay, okay. Do you want like a corny one or an actually funny one.

Unknown 9:32

Either one. Okay,

Unknown 9:33

I only remember the 40 ones, although actually funny ones I just. Okay, well I love the joke that's like, where does the king keep his armies

Unknown 9:46

in his sleepies.

Where was the last place you traveled to?

I guess what I'm New Jersey, New Jersey,

Unknown 10:23

New Jersey. In August

Where's your favorite place you've ever traveled to?

Northern Ireland.

salty or sweet?


If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?

Unknown 11:09

Get over yourself.

Unknown 11:12

Get over yourself, and like, Get over yourself, or just like, Get over yourself in the way that you think of yourself, but

Unknown 11:24

also think of yourself

Unknown 11:26

as having more value than you think you have.

Unknown 11:31


Unknown 11:33


Unknown 11:34

the amount of value that you think you have, but lower how great you think you are right. Okay.

Tell me about a challenge you've overcome?

that's hard for me to answer because I feel like all the challenges I've overcome. I haven't overcome them. It's only been God, that has, like,

Unknown 12:22

helped me overcome them and so

Unknown 12:25

I could point to so many different times where I myself was going in the completely wrong direction. But it's only God that turned me around. And so,

Unknown 12:43


Unknown 12:46

no. So they're they're not like I.

Unknown 12:54

I'm going to be depressed, and I have been for like 10 years, but I

Unknown 13:05

I just went to the doctor for it. A few months ago. And I'm a mess. It's amazing. But the.

Unknown 13:20

So that's one that

Unknown 13:24

like God has definitely helped me with that throughout my life like it

Unknown 13:31

hasn't completely gone away, obviously, until I was. I got put on beds, and now I'm, it's great it's changed my life, but

Unknown 13:45

I don't know just different times that I will,

Unknown 13:51

in bad situations, or bad relationships or different times like.

Unknown 14:00

The only reason I got out of them was because of God. And

Unknown 14:08

so, I don't know where I would be without him. 

Where do you find your inspiration as an artist?

Unknown 15:14

Shortly Jesus.

Unknown 15:17

That totally didn't used to be the case at all. And I used to be so scared to like write worship songs. But now it's like, I can't not. And so, 100% just that and like my perspective on that has changed so much.

Unknown 15:38

Because, like

Unknown 15:43

I just have a different perspective on relationship with Jesus. And

Unknown 15:50


Unknown 15:52

I don't know what it is but I just saw. I just can't not write about.

Unknown 15:58

And I mean other than that though

Unknown 16:01

just other music, 100%, like Harry Styles I wanted one reason I love music is because it inspires me to write music, and like, I don't know, I think a lot I'm very sentimental, especially right now since I'm like leaving and stuff. And so all of that just inspires me to write. Just anytime I feel anything. I just want to write about it. So, everything inspires me though. All right.

Whats your favorite room in your house?

What's your favorite room in your house.

Unknown 16:42

My bedroom.

Unknown 16:45

My best times.

Unknown 16:47

Not necessarily.

Unknown 16:48

My best times but my worst times all men in that room. My best music has come out of that room.

Unknown 16:59

Some of my most

Unknown 17:05

like mental

Unknown 17:06

breakthroughs that are incredible happening that were like, just so many significant

Unknown 17:12

personal moments of my life have happened there. And so, I don't know.

Unknown 17:20

That sounds pretty cliche, but it's true I think

Any embarrassing nicknames that I need to know about?

Honestly, no one can think of a nickname for me. Like it's been a thing my whole life my family calls me Nietzsche Nietzsche, yeah. Nietzsche bow bow bow, my mom just calls me bow.

Unknown 17:56

I don't know, but now I've told that some people like my boss at my internship.

Unknown 18:02

He called me miji now and I'm just like,

Unknown 18:06

but, like,

Unknown 18:09

so it's mostly miji that's Ryan,

Unknown 18:11

Ryan foresman called me Minnie Winnie in like eighth grade, and I was like, that's the

Unknown 18:18

weirdest many Winnie, how many many I was like, No,

Unknown 18:26

I was just saying he when maybe I when he

Unknown 18:28

was just like Minnie Minnie,

Unknown 18:30

Minnie Winnie. I was just like, what, so I don't know, I don't know

Unknown 18:37

people have weird names for

What's your favorite go to midnight snack or evening snack?

Unknown 19:16

I'm always up at midnight,

Unknown 19:18

I figured,

Unknown 19:20

I'm Dr.

Unknown 19:23

Ice cream, ice cream, yeah. Definitely go to ice cream.


photography, I got I just got a new camera, good. I know Canon Rebel t seven I nice. Awesome.

Unknown 19:57

Testimony right. So you've had to wait that long.

Unknown 20:02

It's been like eight months it's awful. Um, but I write poetry. I write novels I haven't written a novel in a long time though.

Unknown 20:10

But I love to, um, honestly, if getting coffee with people is a hobby that would totally be my

Unknown 20:19

hobby because that's what I do like in like 90% of my free time, it's just get

Unknown 20:25

coffee with people. So, I think it can be considered a

Unknown 20:28

hobby interesting I think so, yeah.

What are you most thankful for?

Unknown 20:49

one thing.

Unknown 20:54

I mean you can name more than

Unknown 20:57

I think lately.

Unknown 21:02

The people that

Unknown 21:03

I have in my life. And,

Unknown 21:08

like, especially this fall

Unknown 21:11

under know God has given me so many incredible people in my life, that it's, it's not like I just have one or two that are like wow, these are really great quality people and so what I have it it's like 20 people, 25, people and they're all those like,

Unknown 21:27

how am I this lucky that I get to be in such close relationship with this many

Unknown 21:33

incredible people who just

Unknown 21:37

are so wise and loving and just

Unknown 21:43

truly care about me and want to invest

Unknown 21:45

in my life, and it's just I'm just overwhelmed by it constantly. And so definitely people. Definitely.

Any hidden talents that we need to know about?

I can slip my tongue upside down,

Unknown 22:06

both ways. That is very, that's a down definitely down, and then

Unknown 22:09

I can do that like cloverleaf thing. Oh wow. Yeah, that's definitely

Unknown 22:14

something that, you know, I just, you know, I just pull out every once in a while. I also have synesthesia, which means I read in color. Oh, right, so

Unknown 22:26

I I taste colors I taste color.

Unknown 22:31

But I can spell the longest word in the English language and I can recite 51 digits of pi.

Unknown 22:38

Because I remember the colors.

Unknown 22:41

So, that's

Unknown 22:44

it helps me memorize everything. So that's like,

Unknown 22:46


Unknown 22:49

It's super cool. Yeah.

Mountains or Beach?

Simple as mountains are each hundred percent beach